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I recently made a resolution to work out for an hour every day. (Confession: I started this fitness resolution yesterday, but I’m on the right track.) I am the type of individual who cannot exercise without music, and I work best with a selection of high-power ’80s and ’90s hits. Day one of my fitness plan, and I was already tired of running while Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch cheered me on from my phone. I turned to the Internet for inspiration, and found a great site with Joseph Gordon-Levitt GIFS and photos.

JGL and Marky Mark were the perfect combination of handsomeness and energy

JGL singing

Feel it Feel it

Marky Mark

And then I saw this


and paused just a moment too long

My phone flew into the air and moved in pinball motion between my treadmill and the treadmill next to me, which belonged to an easily frightened middle-aged man. (He bolted once he saw the photos on my phone).

I tripped as I rushed to stop the machine, but gracefully caught myself as the treadmill came to a stop.

As embarrassed as I was after retrieving my phone, I realized I needed twenty minutes of exercise to achieve my one hour goal.

…Thank goodness for Prince.